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If you haven't added this on your bucket list, then you should. There's something about wildlife that makes you appreciate the beauty of the world more. 

Simply Tanzania


Behold The Beauty of Arusha Town They are based at Arusha town in northern Tanzania where you can find Mount Meru. The big mountain dominates the view and eastern sky, really worth capturing. 


Currently managed by Brian Freeman. He’ll be your tour guide as well. His knowledge about the safari tour is superb. This guy know when is the perfect time to see aloof beasts. 



Enjoy the magnificent villages and communities while gazing at the window while on your way to the camp. Prepare yourself for a nice horse back riding in the morning. 

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Reasons Why You Should Visit Tanzania

Promote Tourism

Tanzania is one of the poorest country in the world. You have no idea how many children starve everyday while we enjoy the luxury of having six or more meal times a day. The locals depend on their natural resources to survive. Africa is rich in natural resources; however, due to their dry environment, getting food everyday is a struggle. Promote Tanzania’s tourism to help the people make a living while you enjoy the beautiful scenes there.


Meet Species in Their Natural Habitat

There’s a huge difference of experiencing wildlife in Tanzania compared to visiting a zoo. Notice how mammals move and interact in their natural habitat. They are so pleasing to watch as if you are watching discovery channel but this time, you get to experience the real thing. We mentioned previously that visiting Tanzania to experience their wildlife attractions should be in your bucket list. We are dead serious about it. Those times that we didn’t have any idea what the Tanzania beholds, we are quite doubtful whether it would be a pleasurable experience. But after our tour, we came out as different people. Now, we care more about the environment. Visiting zafaris made us realized how important it is to preserve our natural environment. We became animal lover too. We understood that like humans, these animals have homes as well. And if we continue to destroy their homes for the sake of our comforts, then we are disregarding their importance.


Take Wildlife Photos

We are passionate about photography. Most of our subjects are the realities of the street. We take random pictures of people, places, and events. Until one day, we found ourselves tired capturing the same thing. Then our friend recommended to try wildlife photography. We had no clue how it will turn out but it sounded a good idea so we took the plunge. It was challenging at first because there are aloof animals that will do everything just to get you out of their site. Thanks to our tour guide, he taught us how to take photos the “incognito style”. It was all about correct timing and taking photos as if you are a ninja. Wildlife photography took our skill to a different level. We had to constantly change the settings of our camera because of the strong sun and shady areas. The whole experience was so fun and life changing. If you will ask us if we will come back again, hell yeah.


Summer Activities for the Adventurer



It’s not surprising that swimming is known as one of the best summer activities. The activity is fun because of water. Pool water can both be an element that can calm or an element that can support entertaining games and activities. Swimming is also an excellent workout for the old and young, which is why it’s a favorite summer activity. If you’re an adventurer, you can swim in beaches you’ve never been before. You can also try to discover other pools with cool amenities (such as human-made wave pools) to make your summer more enjoyable. If you’re going to swim in a public pool, though, it’s best to check if the pool is maintained correctly. Pools that are cleaned regularly with pool cleaners don’t have cloudy water and debris floating around.

Safari Tours


Experience the wildlife feels by taking a safari tour with the whole family this summer! Not only will your kids learn the lifestyle of wild animals, but they’ll also have a great time with you. It’s a must-try adventure for every family. Taking a safari guided tour is an excellent way to de-stress from the busy city life. Kids will definitely enjoy seeing wild animals in the flesh, especially since some of them are already endangered. Both adults and children can enjoy watching animals in their natural habitat.

This kind of activity also provides an opportunity to take pictures of beautiful and natural sceneries. There are so many stunning places which can be the subjects of your photos. Furthermore, taking a tour will also enable you and your family to meet new people and be friends with them. Tours also support wildlife rehabilitation and nature conservation. This means you won’t only have fun, but you’ll also be extending a helping hand to the wild animals and nature if you pay for a safari trip.



Be extra kind this summer by participating in a volunteering activity. Perhaps you could clean Tanzania national parks for free or other public areas in your town or country that needs the most cleaning. You can also volunteer to paint new classrooms, take care of kids, teach music for a week, and more. Volunteering isn’t just an exciting adventure because of the new people you’ll meet and the lessons you’ll learn, but it’ll also be self-fulfilling. I assure you, you’ll feel better than before after volunteering.


Best Animals for Woodcarving

If you’ve already visited the beautiful Tanzania national parks, chances are you’ve seen the life of the different animals there. These parks host thousands of animals that would amaze your eyes and make your jaw drop. Taking a picture of them would probably suffice, but for some, the appreciation should go beyond the photoshoot.

It may sound a bit difficult, but carving wooden animals is actually a fun way to show your support for the safety of these wild animals.

With the right saw, you can come up with the best wooden animal ever. I’ll share with you my preferred saw website to give you a head start.

Below are the best animals you can shape using wood.


Of course, lions are perfect for wood carving because of the authority they stand for. Lions also indicate royalty and wealth. Having a carved lion may inspire you to work hard to get the fortune or status you’ve been aiming. It’s a reminder that you can acquire the good in life if you stay brave and stand firm.



Show the calm side of gorillas in your woodworking project. They don’t always have to be as wild as they were stereotyped to be, you know. With a wooden gorilla, you can show others your love for both strength and courage since they symbolize those two. However, a calm gorilla signifies another thing: that you don’t always have to portray strength and courage when you don’t have to, and that humility and being even-tempered is also a part of being strong. Plus, gorillas embody leadership, loyalty, dignity, and accountability. And believe it or not, they also symbolize compassion and selflessness. It’s perfect for living rooms and offices.



If you want to carve an animal for a mother or a woman, it’s best to choose the hippopotamus. This animal is a symbol of emotional depth, healing, power, imagination, creation, birth, pregnancy, and grace. It moves with elegance, protects its family, and is known for the energy and physical care it can give. A wood carved hippo is an excellent gift for a soon-to-be mom, but it is also ideally displayed near water (such as in the kitchen sink or bathroom).


Known as the fastest animal on the planet, cheetahs are perfect for wood carving because they represent success and positivity. They usually outrun danger after all. Wood carved cheetahs signify optimism—the thought that you can overcome the trials you’re facing right now, regardless of how difficult it may seem to be. Cheetahs also encourage you to respond quickly to situations that have been unexpectedly altered.



modern rhino

Rhinos, whether black or white, are a symbol of peace, gentleness, and steadiness. These animals don’t get wild if they don’t need to, but can be tough like a stone when they have to. They also represent agility and power, which shows that you can both be tough and calm at the same time. The example above has a contemporary design, which is perfect for minimalist interior layouts.


These animals are just some of the wild animals you can carve. Before deciding on a wood carving project, I suggest you take a good picture of the animal you want to carve first while visiting any park in Tanzania. Then, get the right saw to work with your raw material, print out the templates, and start carving.



CS:GO Skins and Everything in Between


Also known as finishes, skins are probably the most in-demand feature in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive today ever since they were launched in the Arms Deal update. These are cosmetics that enable players’ weapons to have varying textures which can be acquired in-game. Although they don’t change the function or power of the weapon, they’re still sought-after.


There are various ways to obtain a skin. These are:

  • Through random drops – You should play in online community and official servers to get skins this way
  • Uncrating them – This means you’ll be getting them when you open promotional and weapon cases
  • Trading them – This is the most popular way of acquiring skins. Here, you trade your skin with other players for a skin that’s rarer. You can also trade 10 skins for one rarer skin with a Trade Up Contract.
  • Getting them for free – “Is this possible?” you ask. Well, of course, it is! You can get free items for free nowadays you know. Learn How to get free knives, skins and keys now!



Here are some of the knives you might want to collect. You could even get them for free when you visit CSGO Totem.

  • Butterfly Knife – This is a folding pocket knife with two handles.
  • Default Knife – This knife is a boot knife with dual edges and ¼ serration
  • Flip Knife – Its blades are trailing point ones. It’s also a folding knife.
  • Gut Knife – This is a gut hook skinning knife. It’s a special kind of blade wherein the spine has a sharpened semi-circle ground into it.
  • Karambit – This has a fixed hawkbill style of blade
  • M9 Bayonet – This has a fixed blade with a serrated back
  • The Huntsman Knife – Its blade is also fixed. This is a full tang knife (It’s one solid piece, and the two handle pieces are fixed to the blade, one on each side).



These are needed to open weapon cases or containers. Obviously, you can’t open a case unless you have the key that matches it. If, for instance, an eSport case is rewarded to you at the end of a match, you’ll need to purchase an eSport key from the home screen. The key costs USD 2.49. It’s the same with the winter offensive case and other cases. The price of the key is fixed for every case, and that’s not going to change. If you visit sites that give away keys, you can get them for free.

Real Value Of Water In Places Like Tanzania

We all know about the role of water as it makes up about 71 percent of the world’s outer surface. We also know about the role of water as it makes up about 65 percent of the body’s inner surface.

But did you know that the real value of water can be found in places like Tanzania?

You see, Tanzania is not just known for its rich history and vibrant culture. It’s also known for its lush forests and lively people – both of which are deemed as essential components in making the country a better place for wildlife and other related things. The only problem is, water has now somehow become a rare object in that country – no thanks to the continuing deterioration of the world’s ozone layer, despite the efforts of every other nation in this world to prevent the said layer from unleashing something that is far worse than crop drought due to the less-producing water source and far more deadly than combustion due to the overly-burning light source.

Thus, the real value of water in places like Tanzania come into play – one that will not just make other people realize the value of saving every drop of water whenever they can and especially at work to pay respect for those who are struggling especially when it comes to getting even a single drop from the well for drinking and cooking purposes, but also make other people realize the value of cultivating every drop of water whenever they can and even at home to pay tribute for those who are struggling even when it comes to getting even a single drop from the tap for working and homing purposes.


Because that’s what makes water an elixir of life – the kind of elixir that is not just meant for drinking and cooking purposes, but also for one to refresh himself in a healthier way than usual physically.

And because that’s what makes water an elixir of lifestyle – the kind of elixir that is not only meant for working and homing purposes, but also for one to rejuvenate himself in a fitter way than usual mentally.

How about you?

How do you save every drop of water at work? How do you cultivate every drop of water at home?

How do you see the real value of water in places like Tanzania – just like how those on find water?

Let’s discuss and more on the comments section below!

africa national park

National Parks in Tanzania You Should Never Miss

Kilimanjaro National Park

Here you can find the highest mountain in Africa. The vastness of the mountain is a breathtaking view no one should miss out if you visit here. Enjoy long walks in the grassy field of Kilimanjaro National Park. Enjoy Montane forests and giant lobelias as you walk the rich ecosystem of Kilimanjaro National Park.

Mahale Mountains National Park

Explore the Ernest Hemmingway’s favorite view in Africa, the Lake Manyara. Find out for your self why he made a statement that the lake was the loveliest view he had seen in Africa, that’s the time you would only understand. Wild baboons are all over the place, also bushbuck giraffes, lions and mongoose. Look up and see different species of birds as they fly and cover their sky with their wings.

Mikumi National Park

You can smell the Indian Ocean from a distance, an interesting combination of breezy and grassy air. The park has all the wild animals you don’t see in a regular zoo. Here you can witness lions chasing herds of zebra, running buffalo herds as if they are in a hurry for a meeting, and view hippos lazy look while hanging out in the pond.

africa national park

Saadani National Park

If you are into hunting, then this place is for you. Celebrities go here to hunt and shoot movies. The marine area of the park will surprise you with different species of fish, dolphins and humpback whales. You can also visit their cattle ranch and see how the old days do it. Walking on the dry soil of Saadani National Park is quite tiring but worth every sweat you make.

Serengeti National Park

Do you know why Serengeti sounds familiar? It’s because it is one of the oldest and most popular national park in the world. The wildlife here is everywhere, you could see them making the Savannah grounds their playground. Explore Serengeti’s woodlands, rivers, wooded hills , and large termite mounds. The ecosystem here is rich and balanced. The authorities are working hard to keep everything natural with less human intervention. Thus, making the park one of the best places you should not miss.

Arusha National Park

Arusha is the capital city of Tanzania. It has Africa’s fifth highest mountain. The best part is it’s near Kilimanjaro International Airport so it is not difficult to find. The views will surely prepare you for more of what you will see in Africa. Behold the beauty of Africa by going here. wants you to see the beauty of Tanzania. This country offers you exotic wildlife experience like no other. Tanzania needs our help. We can contribute by supporting their tourism. They were named one of the poorest country in the world. But when it comes to nature experience, they are one of the richest. Offer your help now to the citizens by simply visiting this beautiful country. If you find that what we do matters, feel free to send us an email.