CS:GO Skins and Everything in Between


Also known as finishes, skins are probably the most in-demand feature in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive today ever since they were launched in the Arms Deal update. These are cosmetics that enable players’ weapons to have varying textures which can be acquired in-game. Although they don’t change the function or power of the weapon, they’re still sought-after.


There are various ways to obtain a skin. These are:

  • Through random drops – You should play in online community and official servers to get skins this way
  • Uncrating them – This means you’ll be getting them when you open promotional and weapon cases
  • Trading them – This is the most popular way of acquiring skins. Here, you trade your skin with other players for a skin that’s rarer. You can also trade 10 skins for one rarer skin with a Trade Up Contract.
  • Getting them for free – “Is this possible?” you ask. Well, of course, it is! You can get free items for free nowadays you know. Learn How to get free knives, skins and keys now!



Here are some of the knives you might want to collect. You could even get them for free when you visit CSGO Totem.

  • Butterfly Knife – This is a folding pocket knife with two handles.
  • Default Knife – This knife is a boot knife with dual edges and ¼ serration
  • Flip Knife – Its blades are trailing point ones. It’s also a folding knife.
  • Gut Knife – This is a gut hook skinning knife. It’s a special kind of blade wherein the spine has a sharpened semi-circle ground into it.
  • Karambit – This has a fixed hawkbill style of blade
  • M9 Bayonet – This has a fixed blade with a serrated back
  • The Huntsman Knife – Its blade is also fixed. This is a full tang knife (It’s one solid piece, and the two handle pieces are fixed to the blade, one on each side).



These are needed to open weapon cases or containers. Obviously, you can’t open a case unless you have the key that matches it. If, for instance, an eSport case is rewarded to you at the end of a match, you’ll need to purchase an eSport key from the home screen. The key costs USD 2.49. It’s the same with the winter offensive case and other cases. The price of the key is fixed for every case, and that’s not going to change. If you visit sites that give away keys, you can get them for free.