Freeman Safaris

elephant's eye

The Perfect Tour Guide

Currently managed by Brian Freeman. He’ll be your tour guide as well. His knowledge about the safari tour is superb. This guy know when is the perfect time to see aloof beasts. We enjoyed his company and knowledge in taking us to places we’ve never been before.

Perfect Timing To See Wildlife Up close

If you are used to seeing wildlife in TV, wait until you see them in your own eyes. These majestic creatures are truly amazing in their own ways. We recommend Freeman Safaris for photographers who want to take shots of the wildlife. Brian will ask everyone to wake up early to witness rare animals you won’t see at a certain time. If you want to discover wildlife more, then he is the perfect guy to go to. He also have the best vehicles for crossing rivers and hard roads like Landrover Defenders and Discoveries.

Comfortable Camping Site and Great food

You’ll rest in camps but don’t worry because they are fully equipped to provide you with basic comfort needs. The tents have decent space and have generator so you can charge your phones and digital cameras. Bathrooms will not be an issue too. They have flush toilets and hot showers installed. Another thing we like about Freeman Safaris, is they make the food on site. You’ll enjoy the staples of the Africa and get a taste of how it feels like to be a native.


Bring extra batteries for your camera or power bank. Power Bank is convenient to bring because you can charge different devices in one. To make sure that you got the best power bank brand, check these sites: and