National Parks in Tanzania You Should Never Miss

Kilimanjaro National Park

Here you can find the highest mountain in Africa. The vastness of the mountain is a breathtaking view no one should miss out if you visit here. Enjoy long walks in the grassy field of Kilimanjaro National Park. Enjoy Montane forests and giant lobelias as you walk the rich ecosystem of Kilimanjaro National Park.

Mahale Mountains National Park

Explore the Ernest Hemmingway’s favorite view in Africa, the Lake Manyara. Find out for your self why he made a statement that the lake was the loveliest view he had seen in Africa, that’s the time you would only understand. Wild baboons are all over the place, also bushbuck giraffes, lions and mongoose. Look up and see different species of birds as they fly and cover their sky with their wings.

Mikumi National Park

You can smell the Indian Ocean from a distance, an interesting combination of breezy and grassy air. The park has all the wild animals you don’t see in a regular zoo. Here you can witness lions chasing herds of zebra, running buffalo herds as if they are in a hurry for a meeting, and view hippos lazy look while hanging out in the pond.

africa national park

Saadani National Park

If you are into hunting, then this place is for you. Celebrities go here to hunt and shoot movies. The marine area of the park will surprise you with different species of fish, dolphins and humpback whales. You can also visit their cattle ranch and see how the old days do it. Walking on the dry soil of Saadani National Park is quite tiring but worth every sweat you make.

Serengeti National Park

Do you know why Serengeti sounds familiar? It’s because it is one of the oldest and most popular national park in the world. The wildlife here is everywhere, you could see them making the Savannah grounds their playground. Explore Serengeti’s woodlands, rivers, wooded hills , and large termite mounds. The ecosystem here is rich and balanced. The authorities are working hard to keep everything natural with less human intervention. Thus, making the park one of the best places you should not miss.

Arusha National Park

Arusha is the capital city of Tanzania. It has Africa’s fifth highest mountain. The best part is it’s near Kilimanjaro International Airport so it is not difficult to find. The views will surely prepare you for more of what you will see in Africa. Behold the beauty of Africa by going here.