Reasons Why You Should Visit Tanzania

Promote Tourism

Tanzania is one of the poorest country in the world. You have no idea how many children starve everyday while we enjoy the luxury of having six or more meal times a day. The locals depend on their natural resources to survive. Africa is rich in natural resources; however, due to their dry environment, getting food everyday is a struggle. Promote Tanzania’s tourism to help the people make a living while you enjoy the beautiful scenes there.


Meet Species in Their Natural Habitat

There’s a huge difference of experiencing wildlife in Tanzania compared to visiting a zoo. Notice how mammals move and interact in their natural habitat. They are so pleasing to watch as if you are watching discovery channel but this time, you get to experience the real thing. We mentioned previously that visiting Tanzania to experience their wildlife attractions should be in your bucket list. We are dead serious about it. Those times that we didn’t have any idea what the Tanzania beholds, we are quite doubtful whether it would be a pleasurable experience. But after our tour, we came out as different people. Now, we care more about the environment. Visiting zafaris made us realized how important it is to preserve our natural environment. We became animal lover too. We understood that like humans, these animals have homes as well. And if we continue to destroy their homes for the sake of our comforts, then we are disregarding their importance.


Take Wildlife Photos

We are passionate about photography. Most of our subjects are the realities of the street. We take random pictures of people, places, and events. Until one day, we found ourselves tired capturing the same thing. Then our friend recommended to try wildlife photography. We had no clue how it will turn out but it sounded a good idea so we took the plunge. It was challenging at first because there are aloof animals that will do everything just to get you out of their site. Thanks to our tour guide, he taught us how to take photos the “incognito style”. It was all about correct timing and taking photos as if you are a ninja. Wildlife photography took our skill to a different level. We had to constantly change the settings of our camera because of the strong sun and shady areas. The whole experience was so fun and life changing. If you will ask us if we will come back again, hell yeah.