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Best Animals for Woodcarving

If you’ve already visited the beautiful Tanzania national parks, chances are you’ve seen the life of the different animals there. These parks host thousands of animals that would amaze your eyes and make your jaw drop. Taking a picture of them would probably suffice, but for some, the appreciation should go beyond the photoshoot.

It may sound a bit difficult, but carving wooden animals is actually a fun way to show your support for the safety of these wild animals.

With the right saw, you can come up with the best wooden animal ever. I’ll share with you my preferred saw website to give you a head start.

Below are the best animals you can shape using wood.


Of course, lions are perfect for wood carving because of the authority they stand for. Lions also indicate royalty and wealth. Having a carved lion may inspire you to work hard to get the fortune or status you’ve been aiming. It’s a reminder that you can acquire the good in life if you stay brave and stand firm.



Show the calm side of gorillas in your woodworking project. They don’t always have to be as wild as they were stereotyped to be, you know. With a wooden gorilla, you can show others your love for both strength and courage since they symbolize those two. However, a calm gorilla signifies another thing: that you don’t always have to portray strength and courage when you don’t have to, and that humility and being even-tempered is also a part of being strong. Plus, gorillas embody leadership, loyalty, dignity, and accountability. And believe it or not, they also symbolize compassion and selflessness. It’s perfect for living rooms and offices.



If you want to carve an animal for a mother or a woman, it’s best to choose the hippopotamus. This animal is a symbol of emotional depth, healing, power, imagination, creation, birth, pregnancy, and grace. It moves with elegance, protects its family, and is known for the energy and physical care it can give. A wood carved hippo is an excellent gift for a soon-to-be mom, but it is also ideally displayed near water (such as in the kitchen sink or bathroom).


Known as the fastest animal on the planet, cheetahs are perfect for wood carving because they represent success and positivity. They usually outrun danger after all. Wood carved cheetahs signify optimism—the thought that you can overcome the trials you’re facing right now, regardless of how difficult it may seem to be. Cheetahs also encourage you to respond quickly to situations that have been unexpectedly altered.



modern rhino

Rhinos, whether black or white, are a symbol of peace, gentleness, and steadiness. These animals don’t get wild if they don’t need to, but can be tough like a stone when they have to. They also represent agility and power, which shows that you can both be tough and calm at the same time. The example above has a contemporary design, which is perfect for minimalist interior layouts.


These animals are just some of the wild animals you can carve. Before deciding on a wood carving project, I suggest you take a good picture of the animal you want to carve first while visiting any park in Tanzania. Then, get the right saw to work with your raw material, print out the templates, and start carving.